British comedy stars praised for talent and wit


South West Londoners also shared their favourite jokes with reporter Sabrina Parkar.


By Sabrina Parkar

British comedy stars were praised for their humorous talent and quick wit at the 2011 British Comedy Awards at London’s Fountain Studios on Friday.

Croydon-born James Buckley, who found fame on The Inbetweeners as Jay, took home the British Comedy Outstanding Achievement Award, with the rest of his cast.

In preparation for the awards, lager company Foster’s conducted a survey that revealed Londoners feared no modesty in revealing they thought they topped the comedy charts.

London-born comedian Chris Martin said: “London thinks it’s the centre of the world. It’s not. China is.”

So what exactly is so funny about London?

Could it be the overcrowded public transport that forces them into fits of laughter?

Or sitting in traffic for six days that allows them time to think of the funniest way to express their ideas?

Chris said: “The funniest thing to happen to me in London was when I saw a woman do a sick and run. She vomited on the move and she didn’t even look back.”

The average Brit thinks they can make their friends, family and co-workers laugh about six times a day.

So what does the average South West Londoner think?

Here are your best jokes.

Joe Tratielli, 28, Kensington: “Politicians and nappies have one thing in common. They must both be changed for the same reason.”

Luke Woods, 31, Wimbledon: “Whenever I fill out an application in the part that says ‘in an emergency’ I put Doctor. What’s my mum going to do?”

Sarah Teller, 23, Balham: “It’s not really a joke but I’ve never understood why people keep running over a string a thousand times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, have a look, then put it down to give their vacuum cleaner another chance.”

Martha Polanski, Wimbledon, 25: “Did you hear about the guy whose left side was cut off. He’s all right now.”

Marcus Littling, Kensington, 22: “Who invented the brush they put next to the toilet? That thing hurts.”

Chris Martin is performing at Wimbledon’s Crack Comedy Club, The Watershed, on Friday 23 December.

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