Death of Sir David Amess sparks calls for mass installation of bleed control kits

The death of MP Sir David Amess last week has increased calls for bleed control kits to be installed around London.

The kits are promoted by the Binning Knives Saves Lives campaign to prevent victims of knife crime bleeding out before paramedics arrive. 

Campaign leader Courtney Barrett, 47, from Newham, dedicated himself to reducing knife crime.

After Amess’ death, Barrett has been inundated with messages of people now wanting to get involved with the campaign.

He said: “When a politician is killed everyone is up in arms about it but I still believe these kits are needed first in public places like schools, pubs and youth centres and then after that, MP surgeries.”

The Mayor of Merton declared his support for the campaign just days before, as he contacted pubs across the borough urging them to install the kits.

The kits include trauma dressings, gauze, chest seals and tourniquets to help stop bleeding. 

VITAL: Bleed control kits contain materials to help stop bleeding

The launch of installations took place in The Horse and Groom pub on Merton High Street last Tuesday night and will be followed by all other Craft Union Pubs across the borough.

Mayor Michael Brunt was joined by Merton councillor Paul Kohler, Metropolitan Police Assistant Chief Officer Anthony Peltier and Farah London, who stood in the London Mayor election earlier this year, at the event.

Kohler took to Twitter on Monday to encourage wider usage of the kits, which cost £97 each.

Kohler said: “I wonder whether every MP’s surgery might be provided with them as they provide valuable time for the emergency services to arrive.”

Barrett launched his first demonstration on 4 May 2019 at Walthamstow Central Station which attracted coverage from ITV News.

Between May and November 2019 knife crime decreased by 34% in Waltham Forest, where his campaign was initially focused, but rose in every other London borough.

The campaigners have taken over 1,200 knives off the streets of London so far.

Barrett launched Binning Knives Saves Lives after the 2019 murder of teenager Jaden Moodie close to his home and currently supports 20 bereaved families.

He said: “We’re like a family, always supporting each other, always at each other’s events and court dates.”

BINNING KNIVES SAVES LIVES: Barrett speaks in schools to raise awareness

Barrett directly talks to gang members and speaks in schools to raise awareness.

His campaign takes to the streets carrying ‘amnesty bins’ where people can safely dispose of knives.

Private funding from businesswoman London allowed the campaign to work on opening up academies that will offer support for youths and parents. 

They will have on-site psychologists and lessons to teach skills which can help with job searching. 

The first academy will be in Newham and will provide a safe space within the community.

Barrett said: “When we visit gangs now we can actually offer them the support they need that they won’t get elsewhere with these academies.”

Barrett created an app with 48 school children from Bradford which provides information around knife crime and ways to protect young people. 

The app ‘Aunty Knife’ can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play store.

Donations to fund bleed kits are made through their PayPal: [email protected]

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