Cheers to EU: remain campaigners launch anti-Brexit beer

Remain campaigners in south west London will raise a glass to Europe today with the launch of a new anti-Brexit beer.

Campaigners from the Lambeth for Europe and Wandsworth & Merton European Movement groups created Four Freedoms in honour of the principles of European Single Market: the four freedoms of movement of goods, capital, services, and labour.

Described as a light and fresh pale ale, Four Freedoms is brewed by Brixton’s Clarkshaws Brewery using a blend of British and German hops.

Ben Austin, one of the founders of Four Freedoms, said: “After the fractious referendum campaign, I really felt we needed to do something positive that could cheer us all up and so we thought what better way to do this than making a beer with some close friends?

“We’re really pleased with the finished product and looking forward to sharing our delicious brew with fellow pro-Europeans.”

The idea to create a pro-European beer was born after the europhile south Londoners, who met during the referendum, decided to create something they felt reflected the values of some of London’s most pro-Remain boroughs.

Lambeth borough returned a 78.6% vote for remain in the EU referendum, the highest in London.

Tonight’s launch of Four Freedoms at Whirled Cinema in Loughborough Junction takes place on the eve of the People’s Vote march in central London.

Four Freedoms will be on sale from 20 October 2018 via Clarkshaws’ website and brewery shop.

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