Crowd at Windsor Castle.Photo: Laura Beveridge

Public reflects on Queen’s rule at Windsor Castle near the end of her state funeral

On the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Londoners came together at Windsor Castle to see the final moments of her funeral procession.

The Queen will be buried alongside Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at the St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Talking about why he has come to Windsor, 58 year-old Canadian immigrant, Jean Remillard, working as a project manager from Bracknell said: “Watching the funeral on TV is not at all the same as being here, with the people, seeing it on the big screen, talking about the Queen and what she’s been for us.

A past war veteran came out to Windsor Castle in an attempt to remember the Queen.

Darren Legge, 55, from Henley working in private security: “It’s my personal attempt to show respect for the service the Queen has done.

“As a veteran, I got to serve the Queen back in 1995. So, I wanted to do something for this memory to stay in my mind.”

Apart from honouring the Queen and paying her respect, some visitors at the Castle talked about her special memories with her.

British Airways hostess, Siobhan O’Brien, 44, recalls: “I remember flying with her on a state visit. We were intensely briefed on security,  her preferences and how she liked to fly.

“The Queen would not fly without a picture of St. Christopher on the wall. All these special touches needed to be in place for her.” 

A committal service will be taking place at St George’s Chapel which is expected to be attended by 800 people.

About 2,300 police officers will be lining up between Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle to oversee the final part of the state funeral.

The Queen will be buried at 7.30 pm in a private burial service, attended by King Charles III and the rest of the Royal Family.

Videos courtesy of Laura Beveridge and Monique Rubins

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