Wandsworth needs Wombles as Merton hopes to clean up at awards ceremony


The borough is clamping down on litter bugs.


By David Eggboro

Great Uncle Bulgaria would, no doubt, be disappointed with litter bugs and businesses in Wandsworth throwing away nearly £4m of taxpayers’ money every year with their unlawful dumping of waste.

A new clean-up initiative has been launched by the council including the use of a fleet of energy efficient street cleaning vehicles.

Individuals and businesses unlawfully disposing of rubbish can also expect to be punished by increased enforcement action.

Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “If the litter isn’t dropped in the first place then we won’t have to spend huge sums clearing it up.”

Every year 7,000 tonnes of waste is dumped on Wandsworth streets and a recent crackdown at Tooting Broadway station saw nine people prosecuted for littering.

The messy miscreants were given an £80 on-the-spot fine which could escalate to a court summons and possible £2,500 if not paid within 28 days.

Also in court were six businesses that pleaded guilty to breaching the Environmental Protection Act and were ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £3,661.

Specific time bands have now been introduced when shops and companies can leave their rubbish out for collection.

In neighbouring ‘Womble borough’ Merton, the council are up for an award for a food waste initiative extended to flats in April last year.

The scheme was introduced to houses in 2010 with residents provided with free food bins, compostable liners and recycling information.

Around 25% of total waste from a flat is food.

“I am delighted that Merton has been shortlisted for a National Recycling Award,” said Cllr Andrew Judge.

“I would like to thank residents and our waste recycling team for working together to make this scheme a success.”

The winners of the award will be announced on 3 July.

It appears the Merton has learnt well from the lessons of the fastidious, furry inhabitants of Wimbledon Common.

Photo courtesy of smallritual, with thanks.

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