Roehampton’s nuisance neigbour warned he could face jail if ‘annoying’ behaviour continues


Farzad Moradifard was taken to court to stop his ‘unacceptable’ actions.

 By SWLondoner staff

A Roehampton man could face an immediate jail sentence if he doesn’t stop harassing his neighbours.

Farzad Moradifard, 43, was taken to court by the council to curb his unacceptable behaviour and is now subject to an injunction prohibiting him causing any more distress to those living nearby.

The county court heard he was responsible for numerous incidents of noise nuisance, had damaged other people’s front doors, shouted, sworn at and threatened people, hurled objects on to the ground from his balcony and damaged the lift in his block.

Wandsworth’s Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Paul Ellis, said that they will not allow tenants who live in their properties to behave in an unacceptable way towards others.

“If this individual does not mend his ways and start behaving in a reasonable and civilised manner towards his neighbours then there is every chance he will go to prison,” he said.

“Ultimately, it is down to him. He needs to improve his behaviour or face the inevitable consequences.”

He is now barred from ‘causing a nuisance or annoyance’ to anyone living in or near Dilton Gardens and making any noise that is audible outside his flat between 8pm and 9pm. 

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