The last straw? Tooting MP calls for pubs and clubs to ditch plastic straws

Tooting’s Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan has set up a recent online campaign to petition the replacement of plastic straws with paper ones across all the 41 bars and pubs in Tooting, to reduce Tooting’s plastic waste. 

Dr Allin-Khan said: “Protecting our environment is one of the most pressing issues of today, and I am committed to making sure that Tooting plays its part.

“Local businesses and residents are taking the lead, showing that small changes can make big difference.

“By introducing paper or compostable straws, businesses can play their part to reduce our country’s plastic waste. Local people can sign up and add their voice to our pledge online.”

So far, nine out of 41 bars and pubs from Tooting have made their pledge online but it would seem many more have jumped onto the bandwagon.

Krystal, an employee at The Antelope in Tooting said: “The less plastic, the better.

“The bar chose to change their straws from plastic to paper around a year ago now.”

She said: “All customers have been positive and happy about the paper straws”.

However, not all customers are happy.

Adam Barlow, Assistant Manager at The Long Room bar, which is already signed onto the pledge and has been using paper straws for the past 4 weeks, admitted there was a lukewarm response to the scheme.

He said: “There’s mixed reviews, some customers don’t like it and complain that as soon as you pour the drink, it goes soggy.

“But we have received some positive feedback”.

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