Affordable homes and new library to be built in Hillingdon

Proposals for a new modern library, community facility and 95 affordable homes in Yiewsley were approved by Hillingdon Council’s Planning Committee last week. 

The plans are split across two locations.

At the Yiewsley Library site, the plans include 50 affordable homes, and at the former Yiewsley Pool site a new library, a dedicated community space for residents and 45 affordable homes.

Improvements are also planned for Yiewsley Recreation Ground, which borders the development site, including improved playground equipment and the planting of more trees. 

Jonathan Bianco, the council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for property, highways and transport, said: “We’re continuing to fulfil our commitment of delivering high quality, affordable homes for residents and this scheme comprising 100 per cent affordable homes delivers on that promise. 

“Building new homes is no easy task in a borough with swathes of protected green space and areas of dense housing where there’s little opportunity to build.

“But by developing brownfield sites near our town centres that have previously laid vacant or unused we can bring exciting social and economic opportunities to residents and local businesses.” 

In addition, the Yiewsley Library site will include 28 parking spaces and 90 cycle parking spaces.

Fifteen spaces will be for use by Rabbsfarm School and 13 will be for residential use. 

At the former Yiewsley Pool site, there will be 25 car parking spaces, including 18 for residents. Visitors to the newly-built library will also be able to use the nearby Fairfield car park. 

The proposals for the scheme have been shaped using feedback from residents and underwent some significant changes to address their feedback. 

The land at Yiewsley Recreation Ground will not be affected by the development, other than to deliver the park improvements.

As Metropolitan Open Land, the recreation ground will continue to be protected by planning policies.   

The planning committee agreed to the recommendations of planning officers, meaning both sites will include pollution-absorbing plants in the landscaping to help improve air quality. 

The development also promised the following: 

  • Affordable housing that is modern, fit for purpose and meets or exceeds space standards.
  • Wheelchair accessible properties that meet London affordable rent requirements.
  • An energy efficient development that will lower bills for residents.
  • Improved access to the recreation ground, including new lighting, footpaths and signage from the high street.
  • More play space for children.
  • New trees and a landscaped garden on the site of the old bowling green.
  • The development will be ‘air quality neutral’, but with additional developer contributions to the council’s work on its Air Quality Action Plan would become ‘air quality positive’. 

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