Strapped for cash this Christmas? Here are five ways you can make gift money fast

By SWL Staff
December 18 2019, 12.50

Christmas is all about the joy of giving but buying presents that will make everyone smile on December 25 can put a strain on your bank balance.

If you haven’t put aside any extra funds for gifts, fear not, here are five ways you can make some quick cash.

1. Sell your unwanted stuff

We all have items taking up space at home that no longer spark joy. Instead of letting them gather dust for another year, think about putting them online for someone else to love. To avoid the headache of catching the Christmas post try selling locally through Gumtree and asking your buyer to pick up the item themselves.

2. Pick up a festive bar shift

Christmas is the busiest time of year for pubs and bars and they are often left short of staff when students go home for the holidays. Why not offer your pint pulling services at your local Wetherspoon pub over the festive period and meet some new people at the same time.

3. Have a go at betting online

The winter weather is enough to put anyone off venturing outside unless they have to, especially when it gets dark early. You can make a few quid and stay warm by trying your luck in online casinos with real money. No need to work on your poker face either, and you can play bitcoin casino online on a range of gambling sites.

4. Become a Carol Singer

In the era of Spotify playlists Carol singing might seem a bit old fashioned. But nothing feels more Christmassy than cracking out your best Jingle Bells rendition with a group of friends – no matter how squeaky. Throw a Carol party and add a cheeky charge for corkage to turn this tradition into a money maker.

5. Win the lottery

Imagine how many novelty ties you could buy your dad with £3.6million. That’s how much a Battersea couple won last month after bagging the grand prize in the National Lottery Set For Life game. They put the money to good use by paying for their 13-year-old rescue cat’s cancer treatment so their furry friend can enjoy many more Christmases with them.

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