Britons most content at 58, while 35 is most stressful time due to kids, work and chores

Silver foxes are enjoying their golden years with those aged 58 said to be ‘most content’, while those in their 30s find life increasingly stressful.

The age old cliché that we get grumpier as we age is a myth according to the research commissioned to mark the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Marketing Director of the IT & Mobile from Samsung, Ines van Gennip, explained that finding the right balance between work and life is increasingly difficult.

She said: “It seems the old adage of ‘good things come to those who wait’ is true, at least in life, with those aged in their 50s likely to be the most content.

In our fast-paced busy lives, finding the balance between work and life has never been harder so make the most of the time you have by being really organised!”

It appears that it’s at the age of 58 that people are most likely to achieve a winning work/life balance with 79% of people saying they felt most content with their lives.

Factors such as their work/life balance, taking a proper lunch hour and not working any unpaid overtime contributed to their high satisfaction ratings.

On the flip-side the study revealed that the peak age for stress is 35, with a third of this age group saying they always or regularly feel stressed.

Factors such as having children and a demanding job coupled with having little time to see friends, do household chores or read a book added to the problem.

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