Streets of Hammersmith inspire French singer


French singer-songwriter June Caravel took inspiration from the streets of the capital in a song where nearly all the lyrics are London road names.


By Amaris Cole

The streets of Hammersmith are the inspiration behind a French singer-songwriter’s new song, in which nearly all the lyrics are London road names.

June Caravel, a name derived from her month of birth and her strange passage across the channel to get England, has released London Song on iTunes.

The video for this track took an entire year to complete, as each shot features June with a relevant street sign.

Despite all this hard work, she is hoping to re-shoot the video, so that this time it features her fans.

Londoners are being asked to send photos of themselves in front of the street signs the song mentions.

June says: “The rule is simple, be creative!”

Applicants also automatically win a free download of the London Song, and are entered into a draw to win a book called The Time Atlas of London.

I really love London and I guess the London Song shows it,” she said.

I’ve just started promoting the contest so I hope people will soon flood me with entries.”

Although relatively new to South West London, the artist is already at home here.

June said: “I love living in the UK and don’t plan on leaving any time soon. It is a great place for music in general.”

Whilst currently on South West London’s doorstep, she says her fans in Italy are asking her to come back, and has gigs already lined up in Paris next year.

June already enjoys wide-spread fame, as she explains: “My first album was financed from 684 people from all over the world so my music is already reaching out.”

Applicants are being asked to send in their photos by 31 December 2011 to be in with the chance of being the star of the video’s second edit.

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