Putney musician releases 100th song after recovering from near-death experience

By Anaka Nair
June 18 2020, 12:00

An singer-songwriter from south west London defied all odds and reached a century of songs after doctors believed he would not survive a childhood car accident. 

Adam Lanceley, 38, released his EP, Deliverance, ahead of Men’s Mental Health Week to mark an important stage in his mental recovery.

The Putney resident was ten years old when a car accident left him in critical condition. 

Mr Lanceley said: “Doctors informed my parents that if I survived the accident, it was unlikely that I’d lead a meaningful life.”

After sustaining a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs, doctors believed he was unlikely to walk or talk again. 

“The accident happened so long ago, it almost feels like a different life,” he added.

LIFE CHANGING: 10-year-old Adam Lanceley survived a near-death experience. Credit: Adam Lanceley

His remarkable recovery proved doctors wrong, and he went on to run the London marathon and carve out a career as a singer-songwriter. 

He said: “I was very good at athletics and long-distance running at school but hated it because it made me nervous. 

“When I was wheelchair-bound after the accident, I’d watch my friends running and think ‘God, I could be so much quicker than that!’”

Determined to run again and reach his peak physical fitness, Mr Lanceley completed his first marathon in 2012. 

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Adam Lanceley running the London Marathon 2012. Credit: Adam Lanceley

Although he has largely recovered from his physical injuries, constant battles with depression, anxiety and PTSD have made the aftermath difficult. 

“The mental injuries now far outweigh the physical. The mental disabilities are just so hard,” he said.

Mr Lanceley attributed the cathartic power of music as a crucial form of therapy. 

At 15, he began listening to the Beach Boys and was positively impacted by the song, ‘God Only Knows’ during his battle with anorexia. 

He said: “I’ve always had an old-school taste in music. While my school friends were listening to Oasis, I listened to Roy Orbison or Elvis.

“My music is influenced by the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and U2. 

“One important lesson I learnt from a guy at college is: ‘If the lyrics make sense to you, then people can interpret the words however they like.’

“The best thing is to keep your listener guessing.”

POWER OF MUSIC: Adam Lanceley releases new album ‘Deliverance’ this month. Credit: Adam Lanceley

Men’s Mental Health Week runs from15-21 June and the 2020 theme is ‘Take action on Covid-19’.

The campaign encourages men to get the best out of lockdown and Mr Lanceley used music as his creative outlet.

Last year, he released ‘The Rainbow’s Legacy’, intended to be his final album after many years of struggle with his health. 

This year, his new collection of songs is dedicated to the strength, faith and feeling of safety regained through friendship.

Deliverance refers to a connection I’ve recently made with a girl, someone after almost eight years that I can really trust and open up to,” he said.

“She motivated me to reach this 100-song milestone and gave me a whole new outlook on life.

Deliverance is about how the storms of the past are over and now I’ve arrived at a calm shore.”

Before lockdown, Mr Lanceley finished recording and finalising his EP ahead of its release on June 8. 

The lead tracks include, ‘Handle Me with Care’ and ‘Might Just’ve Saved Me’.

He said: “The first song on the album probably means the most to me. It’s pure heart and soul.

“Returning to music this year has been really refreshing. I love recording music. It gives me so much pride to see the finished product.”

Mr Lanceley dedicated four album tracks to his friend for the change she brought about in a life that he felt was going nowhere.

He concluded: “Talking to people does so much good. To anybody suffering in silence: if you can find someone to talk to, don’t waste the chance.”

The album is available now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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