Wimbledon champion Andy Murray pokes fun at himself by sharing fan replies to leaked inspirational notes

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray shook off his dour Scot image after retweeting hilarious responses to his leaked inspirational quote list.

The world number 4’s checklist, leaked this week, has created a series of spin-off quotes which reference fiancée Kim Sears and his tennis coach mum and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Judy Murray.

The latest quotes include the advice to ‘keep smiling’, ‘don’t make mummy angry’ and ‘it doesn’t matter that you’re punching above your weight with the missus’.

Murray’s ten-point list included self-help phrases such as ‘be good to yourself’ through to sporting techniques including ‘be proactive during points’.

The full list reads:

1.Be good to yourself

2. Try your best

3. Be intense with your legs

4. Be proactive during points

5. Focus on each point and the process

6. Try to be the one dictating

7. Try to keep him at the line, make him move

8. Keep going for your serve

9. Stick to the baseline as much as possible

10. Stay low on passesFans then started to tweet their support for the way he handled the reaction.

Twitter user Hawk Eye tweeted a picture of Kim Sears wearing that top and said : “I love how Andy Murray doesn’t give a … regarding the ‘leaked note’ (you can fill in the blank).

Marc Valenti said: “Have to admit I think Andy Murray is class, I have a similar list although it’s a 10 step guide to making scrambled eggs.”

Image courtesy of Australian Open TV via YouTube, with thanks

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