General Election 2019: Meet the Chelsea and Fulham candidates

By Jack Howes
November 17 2019, 21.25

Conservative Greg Hands retained his seat in 2017 with a 19.4% majority, with 22,179 votes giving him a 52.6% share. This was down 10.3% from the 2015 election.

The Chelsea and Fulham constituency voted 70.9% to remain in the EU Referendum.

The seat has been held by the Conservatives since it was created by boundary changes in 2010.

Greg Hands (Conservative)

Greg Hands has been the MP for Chelsea and Fulham since 2010. He previously represented Hammersmith and Fulham between 2005 and 2010.

He was made Minister of State for Trade Policy under Theresa May’s government in 2016, but quit his role last year in protest against the Government’s decision to support a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

Mr Hands voted Remain in the EU Referendum but supports Brexit to be carried out and supported Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

He said: “I led the Remain campaign in Chelsea and Fulham in 2016. Although the constituency agreed with me and voted Remain, the country decided otherwise.

“The United Kingdom is more than anything a democracy, and we have to respect the result.”

Twitter: @GregHands

Nicola Horlick (Liberal Democrats)

Nicola Horlick has a long-standing connection with the Liberal Democrats. Her father, Michael Gayford, was a candidate in three general elections for the Wirral constituency in the 1970s.

Mrs Horlick, 59, has been described in the media as “superwoman” as she balanced her finance career and bringing up six children.

On her campaign website, she launched a scathing attack of her opposition parties.

She said: “As Liberal Democrats we stand on an unreservedly Stop Brexit platform. Unlike Labour, we’re absolutely committed to revoking Article 50 if we form a government.

“It’s time to stop Brexit. That means stopping the extremists who are now leading the Tory party.”

Twitter: @NicolaHorlick

Sam Morland (Animal Welfare Party)

One of six candidates for the Animal Welfare Party in December’s general election, Mr Morland was also a candidate in the European elections in May.

Mr Morland said he was standing to ‘establish a voice for animals at all levels of political decision-making’.

Twitter: @sam_morland

Matt Uberoi (Labour)

Life-long Fulham resident, Matt Uberoi has been a councillor in Fulham since last year and backs a second referendum, with the aim of stopping Brexit.

“As a passionate Remainer, I am horrified at Tory MP Greg Hands’ support for a hard Brexit,” Mr Uberoi said.

He also states that building new youth and community centres should be a priority in the area.

Twitter: @MatthewUberoi

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