Residents fail to get excited by Pammie


Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is to appear in Wimbledon’s Christmas pantomime but those living in the area don’t seem too fussed about it


By Jamila Robertson

PAMELA ANDERSON is a huge celebrity and arguably an icon of our time.

She is a woman who captivated the hearts of men everywhere with her red swimsuit and bombshell looks. Since then she has had very public relationships with veteran rockers, Tommy Lee Jones and Kid Rock, graced countless covers and playboy spreads, and is now the face of Vivienne Westwood.

Her current reality show with Joe Swash and her long-term stint in a trailer have fuelled rumours of bankruptcy; as has the news of her new role in The New Wimbledon Theatre’s pantomime production of Aladdin.

 The news spread rapidly, as did the speculation. Yet despite the press reaction the theatre has undoubtedly bagged itself a star and with it, stellar publicity, but how has the news been received by those who’ll have to withstand it?

Surprisingly most people are unaware of what is happening.

Businessman Brian Scrivener, 50, said: “I had no idea! I wasn’t a big fan of Baywatch and although she is very attractive, as an actress I’m not sure. It’s still a celebrity name so it is good for Wimbledon.”

Electricians Thomas Bec, 28, and Richard Chimelesskly, 30, agreed that Pammie would bring both publicity and money to the area.

“I think she might be good in this role because she’s a good actor and very good looking but I doubt I’ll have time to see it,” said Richard.

It seems that despite the hype many residents aren’t excited about a Hollywood superstar coming to town, and surprisingly, many people don’t know or care.

Personnel manager Pete Gasvin, 50, said: “I don’t think she’ll do a good job, she’s a bit artificial, and she’s well past it.”

Whilst accountant Matthew Davis, 46, wryly added: “I think she’s going to do as well as anyone else doing panto. I’m not fussed.”

It seems that the 42-year-old stunner has failed to ignite any enthusiasm just yet, maybe the people of Wimbledon are too used to celebrity sightings, maybe her performance is too far away to generate any real passion, or maybe people just don’t care.

Only time and ticket sales will tell.

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