Drivers receive an early Christmas present from Merton Council


People parking in Wimbledon town centre will enjoy reduce car parking charges from November 30

By Sam Dale

DRIVERS have received a Christmas boost as parking fares in Wimbledon are set to be reduced from November 30, Merton Council has announced .

The move includes a 50% reduction in the Morden annual season ticket and hopes to boost business over Christmas.

Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Diana Sterck welcomed the reduction.

“Wimbledon needs to compete on equal terms with neighbouring town centres,” she said.

Morden town centre annual season tickets will fall to £445 compared with £2,592 at the Rose car park in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Queen’s Road and Broadway car parks will be cut to £1 an hour Monday to Saturday, with Queen’s Road retaining a £3 flat fee after 6pm.

Hartfield Road, Broadway and St George’s Road car parks will drop their premium rates after four hours.

Councillor William Brierly, Cabinet member for planning and traffic management said: “We always want to offer our residents value for money services.

“Taking into consideration the difficult financial times, we have decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to reduce the amount we charge for parking in Wimbledon, our main shopping hub.”

Kingston-upon-Thames has four car parks at £1.20 an hour and 60p per half hour following and two at 90p per half hour.

Ms Sterck said the cost and ease of parking is always an issue.

“Many visitors to the town centre are here for less than 4 hours, so any reduction in car park charges should mean more people will consider coming to Wimbledon,” she added.

Dave Roberts of the Drivers Association said Merton Council would not compete with free parking shopping centres.

“It should be reduced to zero, it should be free,” he said.

“It is unbelievable how councillors think they can encourage commerce and yet have parking charges. They need to live in the real world.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if commerce suffered, especially over Christmas.”

Ms Sterck called for help for businesses over Christmas by making Wimbledon look attractive and doing lots.


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