Burglaries on the increase in Merton


Police figures show a rise in the number of burglaries in the Borough

By Glyn Semple

BURGLARIES are on the rise across Merton Borough according to Met police figures.

Inspector Jim Cook said, at Raynes Park Community Forum, that burglary and motor vehicle crime was on the rise.

He encouraged residents to secure their sheds and garages as burglars take implements from them to smash house windows and break in.

There have also been distraction burglaries where one criminal, usually posing as a public official distracts the owner while another enters the house.

Inspector Cook says elderly people are usually the target of this type of crime; they often have money hidden around the house and burglars know this.  

The number of burglaries has risen by over 14% since the same time last year.

The total number of crimes has stayed almost the same with a less than 1% rise.

Councillor Henry Nelless, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement, said that the percentage increase looked worse than it is because Merton’s figures were low to begin with.

“I think the thing to remember is that Merton is always in the top four safest boroughs,” he said.

Councillor Nelless insisted that Merton residents have very little to fear and the police were on top of it.

But fear of crime is still a problem and was the number one issue in the last residents survey.

The police have reinstated Operation Bumblebee which encourages people to ‘think like a burglar’ when securing their homes and vehicles. They were unavailable for comment.

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