Fan frenzy as David Hasselhoff visits New Malden

Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff has been spotted filming in New Malden this week.

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge was seen in New Malden High Street wearing a grey beanie hat, sunglasses, a blue shirt and a black jacket.

When fans spotted ‘The Hoff’ they grabbed their phones and asked for a snap and the actor gladly accepted, even though he looked like wanted to remain incognito.

Reuben Heward-Mills shared his picture online and said: “’The legend’ David Hasselhoff in New Malden. What a great guy!”

It is said that the 62-year-old actor was there to film for an upcoming comedy show.

Anna Maslowicz tweeted: “Just drove past David Hasselhoff filming in a kebab shop in New Malden – random!”

His visit occurred just three months after football legend David Beckham visited a Costa Coffee in nearby Worcester Park. Matthew, another fan of Hasselhoff, tweeted: “Why is it I always miss celebrities in New Malden? First David Beckham and now the main man David Hasselhoff.”

The American superstar was also spotted by Wimbledon College students on Monday who all posed for a photo that he later posted on his Instagram.

‘The Hoff’ made a name for himself by playing the part of Michael Knight and Mitch Buchannon at Knight Rider and Baywatch respectively.

Featured image courtesy of Sony UK/Zoom via YouTube, with thanks

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