Photo of two mourners outside Westminster Hall

Crowds continue to pay tribute to the Queen as sun shines in Westminster

On a beautifully bright, cold, Saturday September day, crowds kept filing into Westminster Hall to pay tribute to the Queen as she continues to lie-in-state.

The longest reigning monarch in British history has had such an impact on the world, not just the United Kingdom, that mourners have flocked from all corners of the globe to come and pay their respects.

Some who are currently in the 12-hour long queue may be lucky enough to enter Westminster Hall as the Queen’s grandchildren take vigil around her coffin, expected at 6pm tonight.

Thoughts are equally turning to the Queen’s funeral on Monday, where campers are already taking post around Buckingham Palace as they spend the chilly autumnal nights warm in the knowledge they will have pride of place for a moment in British history.

People like Gina, Sarah and Ruth from Chertsey, Bracknell and Gloucestershire who have been humbled by the friendly atmosphere they have experienced since setting up camp last night.

Sue from Chester has also made herself a home away from home at The Mall today, and she explained why she saw the Queen as ‘her boss’ and why she felt compelled to bring herself to Buckingham Palace a full two days before the funeral.

Meanwhile at Westminster, families and friends from a multitude of different backgrounds have been queuing to file into the 11th century hall and pay their respects to the Queen as her coffin stands high on a dressed catafalque.

Families such as the Sawalis from Redbridge – children James, 31, and Jasmine, 30, alongside mum Surinder, 55, and dad Michael, 58.

And it’s not just people flocking from Great Britain and Northern Ireland either.

Our journalists spoke to Damoah Boaz, 38, who is a driver in his native Ghana.

He queued for 14 hours alongside Lambeth Methodist Circuit preacher Nana Dormon – full name Chief Odzi-Amon Kyire Nkommo Krampahh II – and they reflected on what was an awe-inspiring experience.

Videos courtesy of reporters George Butler, Peter Gilbert, Rose Ng and Jamie Welham

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