Kensington cops have the right to remain hilarious with witty Twitter posts — and bad ‘dad jokes’

Crime capers described in comical terms are spreading ripples of laughter on Twitter as Kensington Police use playful tweets to engage the public.

Daily crime updates are posted to all of the Met’s many Twitter accounts, with the aim of informing the public to local misdemeanours.

Kensington Police, from their Twitter account @KensingtonPol, offer a different approach to the largely po-faced digital po-pos however.

With some of the lowest crime statistics in the country and officially the least burgled London borough, Kensington’s boys in blue clearly have a bit of time on their hands.

The result is a cavalcade of crime-centred mirth that has lit up Twitter, using well-known memes and catchphrases for their internet-savvy audience.

They’ve also launched their own hashtag for policing puns #dadjokesgonebad, the groan-worthy punchlines have proved a hit with their followers and other forces.

Derby Police joined in with their colleagues, joking about a burglar who was caught with a packet of mints, as well as the ‘tools’ of his trade.

As much as the stiff arm of the law is a serious business, their hashtag-heavy, irreverent approach not only enlivens a rather tepid subject, but lands egg on the face of Kensington’s hapless felons.

Kensington Police

Picture courtesy of Bahi, with thanks

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