Generous H&F binman returns to TV screens following second visit to Jakarta


Wilbur Ramirez returned to the capital to see the impact of his charity on Indonesian street cleaners.


By SWLondoner staff

A Hammersmith & Fulham bin man will return to the small screen this weekend when popular documentary ‘Toughest place to be a bin man’ returns.

Wilbur Ramirez starred in last year’s programme, travelling to Jakarta to show the squalid conditions of the rubbish collectors in the Indonesian capital.

Three million people tuned in to watch the show which showed the bin men scavenging rubbish for a living on Jakarta’s massive landfill site.

Wilbur took over the round of Iman Saffi, and following their friendship set up The Wilbur Ramirez Charitable Trust, returning this year to see the impact the trust has made.

“During my first visit, I couldn’t believe the size of the rubbish tip. The people living by it were lucky if it was collected once a week, now they come two or three times a day,” said Wilbur.

During his visit, Wilbur was also able to give the rubbish collectors boots, trousers, hi-vis shirts, brooms, shovels and first-aid kits, thanks to H&F Council’s refuse collection firm Serco.

He also handed over 30 pairs of trainers to the bin men, who had previously worked without shoes.

Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Council Deputy Leader, said: “It will be good to see what difference Wilbur’s charity work has made out in Indonesia. Wilbur is a credit to the team who work tirelessly to keep the borough’s streets clean.”

‘Toughest place to be a bin man – the return’ is on BB2 on Sunday April 21 from 9pm.

Photo courtesy of 007CyberPhantomizer via YouTube, with thanks.

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