Affordable Art Fair returns to Battersea in spring

The Affordable Art Fair returns to Battersea in March, bringing thousands of works from sculpture and photography, to painting and prints from emerging and established talent, alongside exciting new pieces from the art world’s next household names.

Plus all the works are available from just £100-£6,000 – catering to all budgets and tastes.

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The Affordable Art Fair aims to act as a springboard for a great interiors or events feature.

As well as being able to offer access to the unique insights behind each artists work, there will be fair experts Will Ramsay and Luci Noel on hand to share their knowledge on a number of topics.

The include shopping smart for art — expertise and advice for first-time art buyers, as well as showing your readers what to look for in an investment piece.

This is also the place for everyday inspiration. You can discover how to substitute the crowded gallery wall for a larger artwork in the home, and learn a whole range of tips to truly transform your house into a home.

All visitors to the show can benefit from commentary from our experts on how less can be more when it comes to purchasing art.

If you want to discover what is behind the canvas, a number of gallerists and artists have stunning homes . These may prove to be perfect for a real homes piece, as well as the expertise to give tips on buying art for the home

The benefits of introducing art into the home can be found through arranging interview time with fair director Luci Noel and fair founder Will Ramsay to share their insights and expertise on this topic.

The AAF has been doing exactly what it says on the tin by promoting affordable art and art fairs since its launch in Battersea Park in 1999, and in the intervening years has become a staple in the region.

Works are priced at a maximum of £5,000, making buying art a far less exclusive affair, plus, tips for buying are listed on the website.

It’s now a global affair, but the London installments are split between Hampstead in the spring and Battersea in the autumn.

There’s a good mix of work too, and there tending to be lots of limited-edition stuff by household names.


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