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A Merton-based filmmaker is asking Londoners to vote her latest production to an international award later this month.


By Josh Burrows

A Merton-based filmmaker is asking Londoners to vote her latest production to an international award later this month.

Alle Segretti’s three-minute ‘#TwitterMovie’ tells the story of a group of Londoners using twitter while waiting at the 200 bus-stop outside Colliers Wood station.

They inadvertently connect with each other and with a separate group of friends in Australia.

“I think it’s pretty spectacular to be able to tell a complete story in three minutes,” said Ms Segretti, herself a prolific user of the microblogging site, with almost 800 followers and 14,000 tweets.

“Using twitter is not about just saying ‘hey, look how great I am.’ It’s about interacting with other people. It’s almost a fine art. It’s about being human and it’s about personality too.”

Ms Segretti, who has exchanged tweets with celebrity actors, including Kevin Spacey and Kirsty Alley, says the exposure gained from her tweets and the film – available to view and vote for on the Filmaka website will help her break into the professional film industry.

“#TwitterMovie has created a problem for me because I’ve now got about 60 people from around the world who want to be in the next one,” she said. “There’s some pretty big a-list celebrities who have told me to count them in.”

Mike Gould, from the Wimbledon Film Club, gave ‘#TwitterMovie’ a good review.

“It’s a dynamic, relevant and accessible little film that makes the best of its digital medium,” he said.

“It has been produced to high standards and is a polished little piece that, subject to a little more clarity in its delivery of narrative will help to give its producer/director a very worthy profile as a commercial artist.”

Filmaka user Paul Newman was also impressed.

“There is such a lovely fresh innocence to the style and it reaches out to the audience as directly as a good horror scares you,” he said. “It’s very hard to deliver that style.”

Suzanne Segretti, Alle’s partner, who also worked on the production, says she expects the film to perform well in the peer vote, which ends on Friday 18.

She said: “Things have been ramping up over the last few months and there’s a really good energy about what we’re doing. So I don’t think the prize is that far off, but every vote counts.”

If ‘#TwitterMovie’ does win the Filmaka award, Alle Segretti could find herself in the running to produce a full-length feature film with a budget of $1m.

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Image by Sanja Gjenero

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