Open House London goes through the keyhole from Wimbledon’s Buddhist Temple to Zaha Hadid’s gallery

South London architectural splendours are to be opened up to the public in a fantastic event that highlights the capital’s best landscapes, buildings and public spaces this weekend.

Open House London aims to inspire everyone with an interest in design architecture with excellent examples right on their doorsteps.

It offers free access to various buildings of architectural interest in London this Saturday and Sunday.

A spokesman for the event said: “We aim to help change perceptions, break down barriers and inspire people to demand high-quality places for current and future generations.

“It is the success of our approach as an advocacy body that has positioned us as a progressive and influential authority.”

Venues range from the ultra-modern designs exemplified by the Roca London Gallery in Fulham, to stunning examples of older, more majestic architectural designs such as the Tooting Granada.

The Roca London Gallery is one of many exceptional contributions to architecture by the late Dame Zaha Hadid MBE.

It is a real insight into one of the most inspirational and influential architects of our time and presents an excellent example of ultra-modern design.

The design is exquisitely comprehensive ensuring that every detail, including the tiles, fits in with the main design principle which seeks to represent the movement and various phases of water.

It features innovative use of a range of materials as well as a magnificent combination of aesthetics and functionality.

On a slight contrast to this most contemporary design, the Tooting Granada building (Gala Bingo Hall) presents gothic 1930s design of a most majestic kind.

It serves to prove that the use of smooth lines and level facades is not the only architectural approach that wows and inspires.

The Grade 1 listed building’s interior was designed by stage designer Theodore Komisarjevsky.

He drew heavy inspiration from cathedrals, churches and medieval of the time to present awe inspiringly detailed design.

Other must-see buildings include the minimalist House for a Painter in Wandsworth, the Clapham Library and the simply beautiful Baitul Futuh Mosque.

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Featured picture courtesy of Siristru via Wiki Commons, with thanks

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