Close up image of 15 Clerkenwell Close from ground level

Heatherwick Studios launches project to protest ‘boring buildings’

A London design studio has demanded an end to the ‘boring buildings’ it says have come to dominate our towns and cities in the modern world.

The ‘Humanise Project’ was established by Heatherwick Studios, which is spearheaded by notable designer Thomas Heatherwick and is based in King’s Cross.

The designers believe boring buildings are bad for society, our mental health, and the environment, and as part of the campaign launched the ‘Boring Building Index’ to better understand public opinion of the buildings around them.

Campaign director, Matt Bell, spoke to us outside 15 Clerkenwell Close in Islington — a building he admires — about the project and how designing buildings in a more interesting way will help improve London life.

Sheehan Quirke, writer and creator of @culturaltutor on X, also gave his thoughts on the project – watch the video below to find out what they think.

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