Putney woman’s question about ‘chronic’ lack of social housing put to PM by Jeremy Corbyn at debut PMQs

A Putney woman’s question about the ‘chronic lack of social housing and extortionate rents charged by some private sector landlords’ kick-started Jeremy Corbyn’s first PMQs as Labour leader.

Marie was one of 40,000 people who replied to the new Labour leader’s request for questions to put to David Cameron.

She told LBC radio that she submitted three questions to the man she branded ‘a real person’.

She said: “It seemed a very simple question to kick off with as all around where I live we’re surrounded by massive developments going up.

“Those are flats for rich people. No ordinary working person on an average wage could even begin to contemplate buying one of those.

“Social housing has been completely demolished by this – it was a completely stupid policy selling off housing stock.”

Marie revealed she wasn’t a member of any political party up until the point Mr Corbyn announced he was going for the leadership and then felt ‘compelled’ to join.

She also praised his ability to change the rowdy tone of PMQs.

“Cameron had to change the way things are done,” she said.

Video and featured image courtesy of Channel 4 News via YouTube, with thanks

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