Britain’s sticky issue: The vaccine disinformation war

Baby on board. Wash your hands. Danger 400 volts.

Stickers are meant to keep us safe, or add some colour to a greying city.

Inert warnings, bright logos, and those glaring health reminders on the edge of a dirty pub mirror.

Then 2020 brought new stickers, telling us to sing happy birthday while we wash our hands, wear a face mask on the bus, or download an app to buy a pint.

You even get a sticker when you are jabbed.

One man did not like the new stickers though.

Mayoral candidate Piers Corbyn ripped off public health stickers on the tube in a video dated to July, marking a new battleground for the disinformation war.

Dissent in action, no longer just on the internet.

Britain’s sticky issue.

You can read the full story here.

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