Protesters storm Kensington Town Hall calling for justice for Grenfell Tower victims

Protesters have entered Kensington Town Hall chanting ‘we want justice’ in relation to the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Around 500 protestors have been demanding the council provide more information to residents and take more action to help survivors, including that people be housed within the borough and that the council release funds to help those affected.

A council statement said: “We are already releasing funds to look after the immediate effects of all those affected.”

The protestors, who were joined by pop star Lily Allen, were shouting ‘shame on you’ and ‘we want an inquest’, holding up placards of missing friends and relatives.

The death toll for the fire currently stands at 30 and is expected to rise, with 24 people still in hospital.

Theresa May visited victims in hospital today after being criticised for only speaking to emergency service workers on a tour yesterday.

The prime minister has also ordered a public inquiry into the tragedy.

Featured image courtesy of Unite Community SEL, with thanks

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