London women more gaffe-prone than men and likely to receive little sympathy from laughing partners

Women are the clumsier sex and more likely to trip, slip or take a tumble, according to a recent study.

Those nursing injuries caused by their klutzy behaviour shouldn’t expect any sympathy either as 64% of men admitted they always laugh when they see someone fall over, whereas only 50% of women felt the same way.

Londoners are particularly prone to gauche gaffes with more than two thirds revealing they drop their phone or spill a drink at least once a week.

Londoner Keiran Bell said: “I’m such a mug that I once tripped walking up the stairs at Crossharbour DLR, causing me to stumble across the platform, face plant the awaiting train and get my foot caught between the platform edge and train.

“Luckily some pleasant geezer pressed the emergency stop button, so my foot didn’t get sliced off – the other passengers were amused and annoyed in equal measure.”

The study, conducted by safety flooring experts Posh Flooring, also found that younger people tend to be more clumsy, or at the very least to admit to being clumsy.

Posh Flooring’s Dominic Nowell-Barnes said: “My heart goes out to the people of London, nothing is more annoying that being clumsy – except maybe the prices of a good coffee!

“What makes the matter worse is that your friends and family are going to laugh at you – especially the men.

“The men of London need to show some sympathy and learn to be kind to the clumsy people around them!”

This survey was released after a number of high-profile tumbles hit the headlines including One Direction’s Niall Horan who fell while caddying for Rory McIlroy, a Buckingham Palace guard who fell in front of tourists during daily ceremony and Madonna’s cape fail at the BRIT Awards.

Image courtesy of ITV via YouTube, with thanks

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