Twickenham man convicted of attempted murder after vicious attack on wife

Warning: This piece contains some graphic detail of the attack

A Twickenham man who viciously attacked his wife for hours and left her scarred was convicted of attempted murder today.

William Clapperton engaged in a sustained, frenzied, and alcohol-fuelled assault on his wife in their home address on 17 February, after she revealed she was planning to end the marriage.

Nearly ten months after the attack, the victim still requires surgery to address the multitude of horrific wounds inflicted on her, with the injuries considered too horrific to be shown in court.

The woman, in her 40s, said: “He destroyed my life and I will never forget what he has done to me.

“I provided for William and I for many years and even today I can’t believe the man I have known for 14 years, the man who told me every day that he loved me, would do this to me.

“As a result of my injuries I am not the same anymore. I will continue to have surgery for the foreseeable future. From now on I have to live with the scars to my face and am reminded every time I look in the mirror.

“I want to share my story for others and for the public to be informed that this happens, and it is real.”

Clapperton held the victim for hours, attacking her with scissors, a chopping knife and his hands, intending to kill her and telling her that if she was ugly, nobody would want her anymore and that she was going to die.

The victim eventually escaped into the street, where a member of the public spotted her and called for an ambulance.

Clapperton was found with self-inflicted knife wounds to his chest and wrist and arrested and taken to hospital for treatment, before later being charged with attempted murder, false imprisonment and criminal damage.

Following the verdict, he was remanded in custody, to be sentenced on 22 January.

Investigating Officer Detective Constable David Payne, from the Met’s West Area Safeguarding team, said: “This was a sickening, unprovoked and vicious attack where the victim was falsely imprisoned in her own home and subjected to a truly horrific ordeal at the hands of her husband. It was only a matter of chance that after many hours the victim managed to escape the property to seek help.

“Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, at no point has William Clapperton shown any remorse for his actions. He will now have a number of years in prison to seriously reflect on the decisions he made that night. It was by sheer luck and a matter of millimetres that this was not a homicide investigation.

“I would like to commend the courage and sheer bravery of the victim and her continued positive attitude throughout this investigation despite her ordeal and the life-changing injuries she has sustained.

“During this investigation, we found that many witnesses had heard a disturbance in the early hours of the morning. No calls were made to police, and whilst there was no evidence to suggest that calling the police would have changed the outcome, it would have certainly cut short the ordeal the victim suffered.

“I would like to commend the courage of those witnesses who provided evidence to help secure the conviction and urge anyone who hears or sees something suspicious to call police.

“If you are a passer-by or a neighbour that may see or hear something that is concerning or out of the ordinary, please tell us – you will be supported by specialist officers who are trained to help you. Your call could help save a life.”

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or you know a friend, relative or neighbour who you think is at risk, call the police right away.

In an emergency, always call 999 – high harm domestic abuse calls will continue to be prioritised.

The 24/7 National Domestic Abuse helpline, which offers support to victims and people affected by domestic abuse, is free to call on 0808 2000 247.

For more information and advice, click here.

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