General Election 2019: Meet the Wimbledon candidates

By Florence Leslie and Jacob Phillips
November 15 2019, 17.25

Wimbledon voted 70% remain in the Brexit referendum meaning staying in the EU will be a key topic in the battle to be elected in this seat.

In the 2017 general election Conservative candidate Stephen Hammond retained his seat with a majority of 5,622 votes.

As a result of the recent remain alliance no Green party candidate will stand in Wimbledon, instead encouraging voters who wish to remain in the European Union to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Stephen Hammond (Conservative)

Despite losing the whip after voting to ban a no deal Brexit, Stephen Hammond hopes to continue his work as Member of Parliament, a role he has had for 14 years.

Hammond is expected to continue to campaign on a pro-remain agenda as well as local issues such as keeping local business rates down and investing more in St Hellier and St George’s Hospitals.

Twitter: @S_Hammond

Paul Kohler (Liberal Democrat)

Member of the Unite to Remain Group, Paul Kohler is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Wimbledon. Kohler is the current counsellor for Trinity Ward in Merton and strongly pro-Europe.

Kohler is against the Heathrow expansion and is passionate about keeping local libraries open.

In 2017 Kohler was badly beaten on his doorstep.

Twitter: @PaulKohlerSW19

Jackie Schneider (Labour)

Schneider has been a primary school music teacher in Wimbledon for 23 years and founded the Merton Welcomes Refugees group.

In 2005 Schneider set up the ‘Merton Parents for Better Food in School’ campaign which lead to under performing catering firms being removed from the borough and new contracts with higher nutritional standards being brought in.

She will be the first female Wimbledon MP if she is elected.

Twitter: @jackieschneider

Graham Hadley (Independent)

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