Florence Eshalomi wins

Vauxhall election results in full: Florence Eshalomi wins seat

By Lucille Brobbey
December 13 2019, 06.26

Labour candidate Florence Eshalomi won the Vauxhall seat securing 31,615 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Lewis gained 12,003 votes, Conservative Candidate Sarah Bool won 9,422 votes, while Green party’s Jacqueline Bond got 2,516 votes.

Independent candidate Salah Faisal won 136 votes and Brexit party Candidate Andrew McGuiness gained 641 votes.

Following the win Mrs Eshalomi said: “I want to start by saying thank you to the residents of Vauxhall who placed this absolute honour in me.”

She added: “I feel so humbled beyond words to be elected as the new MP for somewhere I have called home all my life.”

Conservative Candidate Ms Bool said: “I thought it would be a majority, but not to this extent. We’ve done a lot of campaigning in the North.

She added: “Life-long Labour voters have now been concerned about what will happen with the NHS and with getting Brexit done.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Lewis said: “When it comes to what local people are saying here, obviously this is a heavily remain constituency, but people also really want to see change.

“I am very proud to have been able to listen to people across the constituency.”

In response to Jo Swinson’s loss, Ms Lewis said: “The national picture is so much bigger than any of us.

“We are still going, the results are still coming in and I think there will be plenty of time for a post-mortem when we know exactly what the end game is.”

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