Parents and young pupils praise primary school for reaction to Parsons Green terror attack

Holy Cross Primary School in Parsons Green has been praised by pupils and parents for their handling of this morning’s terror attack.

The school is a five-minute walk from the Parsons Green tube station, where a device exploded at 8.20am, injuring at least 22 people.

Danielle Nolan lives ten minutes from the station and has three children at the school, aged three, eight and ten, with her eldest walking to school this morning.

Her daughter said: “My teachers reassured us we were safe and they kept us calm.

“I was really worried — a close friend of mine gets the train from Putney every day.

“Going back to school on Monday will torture us. It will be frantic, but not as bad as today.

“My teachers told us this shouldn’t happen again.”

Her mother, Miss Nolan, said: “When the attack happened my partner and I were driving my other kids in not knowing anything.

“I got a call from my daughter who was with another mum to tell us they were safe.

“Luckily, their teachers took them up to Fulham Broadway where they handed them over, but it took an hour and a half to get through the cordon.

“They will never forget this.”

Eira Bentley, 56, is chairman of the Royal British Legion Club Fulham, which overlooks Parsons Green.

She has two grandchildren aged six and nine at Holy Cross.

She said: “The school were not letting the kids out, but their mother knew they were safe and the police were there at the school.

“My nine-year-old granddaughter knows everything and fully understands what’s happened. She was a real mess.

“I’m worried about them getting out safely. What if something else happens?

“It’s just wicked, these people are wicked. Why Parsons Green? It’s a tiny little tube station.

“The school are great. After the London Bridge attack they provided counselling, so hopefully they’re looking after them now.

“I just am in complete shock. I was in Starbucks this morning and saw the faces of people off the train. It broke my heart.

“What can you do? “I’ve been here for 20 years. You can’t just move when something like this happen.”

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