Courageous commuter gets back on Parsons Green tube to save pushchair

A passenger in the Parsons Green tube explosion returned to the train to save a fellow traveller’s pushchair this morning.  

Chris Wildish was one carriage down from the site of the bomb when he saw it explode.

“The train came to a stop, out the corner of my eye there was a massive flash and flame,” he said.

Mr Wildish exited the train after smelling an acrid chemical smell and seeing a stampede of people trying to get away from the bomb.

He quickly returned to the carriage to help a woman who had left her pushchair on the train.

He said: “I got off no problem, but got back on, rather foolishly.

“There was a mother who left her pushchair on the train, so I went back on to get the pushchair.”

Upon returning to the train Mr Wildish saw the exploded device.

He described seeing a white builder’s bucket in a foil insulated carrier bag, with wires and flames coming from the top.

He said: “I’m no expert but I’d be very surprised if this was an accident.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that it was placed there on purpose.”

The Metropolitan Police are treating the explosion as a terror-related incident and are urging people to stay away from the scene.

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