Commuter burned ‘from top to toe’ in Parsons Green tube terror attack

A woman was burned ‘from top to toe’ in the explosion on a tube at Parsons Green this morning.

BBC Presenter Sophie Raworth, who was on the tube when the explosion happened, saw the woman being taken to an ambulance.

Speaking on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, she said:  “I didn’t show it [on camera] obviously for very obvious reasons but I have just seen a woman who was just stretchered off here.

“And clearly her legs are wrapped and she has been burned, she has burns to her face.”

According to her report, the injuries the woman sustained were extremely severe

“She seemed to have burns all over her body from top to toe,” Ms Raworth continued.

“Her legs were wrapped up in some sort of protective plastic film and she definitely had burns to her face as well.”

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