Kingston employment in top five best performing boroughs


Research shows there are only three people to one job in the borough.


By Thomas Duffell

New research shows that there are only three people to one job in Kingston.

The TUC (Trades Union Congress) have released new data that shows jobseekers in Kingston have more chance of landing a job than those seeking employment in East London boroughs.

The report shows a ratio of jobseeker allowance claimants to Jobcentre Plus vacancies and ranks the 32 boroughs.

The data reveal that for the 599 vacancies available in Kingston throughout July 2011 there were only 1,952 claimants.

This is a stark contrast to boroughs such as Hackney who have an average of 22 claimants for one job.

Kingston employment has remained at a flat rate for the past year and has featured in the top five best performing boroughs throughout the past year.

Hackney has remained in the group of worst performing boroughs throughout last year. The figures, however, do not always tell the story.

Lara Zadoorian, 22, a former waitress in Kingston, said: “It’s 100 times easier to find a job in central London.”

The employment rate in Kingston is higher than the average for London, but council information emphasise that the majority of people in employment work outside Kingston.

The reverse is the case for those in employment in Kingston who tend to live in other boroughs and travel in.

The statistics also show that part-time employment in Kingston is higher on average than the rest of London. But due to a large student population in Kingston part-time work is very competitive.

Ms Zoordian said: “Kingston has quite a small town centre compared to the amount of students looking for part time work.”

The TUC research does not show this as students do not claim jobseekers allowance and only acts as an indicator of a boroughs economy.



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