Green Party candidates stand aside in key south west London seats

The Green Party has endorsed Liberal Democrat candidates Sarah Olney and Vince Cable in a bid to create a ‘progressive alliance’ to combat Conservative candidates in south west London.

Both the Richmond & Twickenham and Kingston parties last week decided its candidates – Andrée Frieze in Richmond Park & North Kingston and Caroline Wren in Twickenham – would step down for ‘a new kind of politics of co-operation’.

The Green Party has also stood aside in Brighton Kemptown, Ealing Central & Acton, Ilford North, Oxford West & Abingdon, Lewes, and South West Surrey.

Caroline Wren said: “We strongly support a progressive alliance, and I wanted to support the party that has the best chance of beating the Tories. I therefore stood aside to achieve it.

“Please vote for Vince Cable on June 8.”

Theresa May has warned of a Labour-led ‘coalition of chaos’ that may challenge a Conservative election victory.

Nicola Sturgeon has also outlined plans for a ‘progressive alliance’.

Andrée Frieze said: “I and the local Greens have decided to stand aside and put country before party. We want to strengthen the opposition to an increasingly authoritarian Tory Government.

“Sarah Olney has proved herself to be a caring MP, who speaks and votes in Parliament in the best interests of her constituents.

“I ask all residents who believe in maintaining strong ties with the rest of Europe, tackling climate change and properly funding the NHS to vote for Sarah Olney on June 8.”

Ms Olney will be running against Zac Goldsmith, who was re-selected as Conservative candidate for Richmond Park four months after he lost the seat in a by-election.

Richmond & Twickenham Green Party joint chair Richard Bennett said: “Politics should be much less about conflict and much more about cooperation. ‘Politics as usual’ leaves me cold.

“While the Greens do have differences with other parties on policies and priorities, we have much that we do agree on with the Liberal Democrats. I am confident that we can and should work together.”

The Green Party did not field candidates in the Richmond Park and North Kingston by-election last year.

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