wandsworth mayor signs queen condolences

South west London’s mayors react to the Queen’s death

The mayors of south west London’s boroughs have made statements on the Queen’s death and how they will support mourners over the coming days.

The Mayor of Wandsworth, Jeremy Ambache, said: “This will be our chance to pay our respects to Her Majesty, to thank her for her seven decades of service to the nation and the Commonwealth and to bid her farewell.”

The Mayor of Croydon, Jason Perry, said: “We will always be grateful for Her Majesty’s seven decades of dedicated service to our country, both in peacetime and war. Her strength and unswerving sense of duty has been a true inspiration, even in the toughest of times.

“She has been much-respected and much-loved as a head of state throughout the world, including here in Croydon. Earlier this year communities across our borough united to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, and the celebrations were testament to the sense of pride and togetherness she has inspired.”

The Mayor of Richmond, Julia Cambridge, said: “The Queen has been a constant and reassuring figure in the lives of the British people.

“Through decades of rule from her accession to the throne in 1952 and throughout her seventy-year rule, the Queen’s lasting presence and commitment to the nation and its people, has provided reassurance for so many.”

The Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea, David Lindsay, said: “Our deepest condolences go to our new King and to all members of the Royal Family.

“Flags across Kensington and Chelsea are being flown at half-mast and Books of Condolence will be opened for members of the public to sign at North Kensington Library, Kensington Town Hall and Chelsea Old Town Hall.

“In many places of worship there will be opportunities to come together in prayer. As we reflect on our Nation’s loss may we remember a life well-lived and give thanks for the commitment and dedication of Her late Majesty.

“Queen Elizabeth’s devotion to her family and this country has been a true inspiration. Her work as the longest reigning monarch has had a huge impact on the lives of so many.”

And the Mayor of Sutton, Trish Fivey, said: “Our sadness at this time is shared by people across the globe as we remember with affection and gratitude the lifetime of service given by our longest-reigning Monarch.

“Upon her visit to The Royal Marsden Trust in Sutton in 1963, she left a huge impression on the newly-established hospital and its staff.”

Featured image courtesy of Wandsworth Council

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