Kensington rehouses families in gym for first night after Grenfell Tower blaze

Kensington & Chelsea Council has brought emergency accommodation plans into action after the Grenfell Tower fire, with plans to rehouse hundred of people in a Kensington gym overnight.

A spokeswoman said it had three rest centres open during the day for residents who had lost their homes and residents from neighbouring streets who had been evacuated overnight.

The rest centres, where council staff will be on hand, are the Rugby Portobello trust, Walmer Road, W11 4EY, St Clement church, Treadgold Street, W11 4BP, and the Westway sports centre, Crowthoren Road, W10 6RP.

“We are attempting to house everyone affected,” said a spokeswoman.

“Anyone who is affected can call us on a special number 0207 361 3008.”

The council earlier sent out a statement thanking the public for donations made in the aftermath of the tragedy but said that, for now, it had enough supplied to see people through the short term.

You can find the latest on the fire, which is confirmed to have killed 12 people, here.

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