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Sky Pool: Nine Elms set for the world’s first floating oasis

The world’s first swimming pool floating in the sky will officially open in Nine Elms next Saturday.

The Sky Pool is 25-metres long and suspended between the Embassy Gardens’ Legacy Buildings, but will only be open to members of the development’s exclusive Eg:Le Club.

Originally set for a 19 May grand-opening, following COVID delays, the pool will now open to residents on 22 May, with a livestream of the opening event, including a performance from world-leading water performers Aquabatix and hosted by Roman Kemp, set for later in the summer.

The 50-tonne pool will allow for swimmers to gaze down from 35-metres up and for pedestrians below to see through the pool to the sky.

The concept is the brainchild of property developer Sean Mulryan, chairman and group chief executive of Ballymore.

A swimmer lounges in the Nine Elms sky pool
FLOATING OASIS: A swimmer enjoys the water from 35 meters in the sky Credit: EcoWorld Ballymore

Ballymore’s creative team developed the concept on a hot day in 2013.

While discussing the installation of an outdoor swimming pool it became clear the only space large enough was between the two buildings.

The idea was brought to life by architects Hal Currey and Arup Associates, who worked with structural engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan to develop detailed drawings and run behavioural analyses.

The pool’s sides are 200mm thick and 3.2 metres deep, with a bottom 300mm thick.

Steps and filtration systems sit at either end and there are also five modes of lighting to create an atmosphere.

The acrylic pool was made in Colorado, transported to Texas and shipped across the Atlantic over three weeks before reaching its final destination in Wandsworth.

Night swimmers will be able to enjoy the heated pool whilst taking in views of Parliament, the London Eye and the River Thames.

Featured image credit: EcoWorld Ballymore

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