Twickenham’s ‘Boy on the Balcony’ raises over £3,000 for charity

An 8-year-old boy from Twickenham has been raising money for Barnardo’s children’s charity by playing the trumpet on his balcony and at hospitals across London.

Nelson lives at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, and his trumpet playing earned him the nickname ‘The Boy on the Balcony’.

He amazed residents by playing ‘One Day over the Rainbow’ throughout the first lockdown from his balcony during the time we were encouraged to clap for the NHS.

The sound of his songs could be heard all over the river, and Nelson received cheers and applause for his music.

Nelson has also played Christmas songs outside of multiple hospitals across London.

He said: “We were talking about Christmas, and about the sick children in hospital and their mum’s and dad’s. I wanted to play music for them and to thank the NHS.”

Nelson playing his Trumpet over Eel Pie Island river. Credit: Kaisa Oberc

Over the Christmas period, Nelson was inspired to help bring happiness to the children in London who would be in hospital over Christmas without any presents.

Nelson set himself the challenge of playing Christmas tunes on his trumpet over the 12 days of Christmas at 12 different hospitals.

He did this to cheer up NHS workers and people in the hospital, as well as to raise money for the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

Nelson has played at several hospitals, including Watford General, St Bartholomew’s and Great Ormond Street much to the delight of hospital staff, children and passers by.

He has also been invited to play inside children’s wards in several hospitals once the pandemic improves.

Nelson is a keen musician and regularly participates in the Richmond Music Trust junior band.

His favourite music includes songs by Green Day and Miles Davis, and he has started learning to play the drums.

NHS Staff featured with Nelson and Kaja thanking him for bringing them happiness with his Christmas Songs. Credit: Kaisa Oberc

Nelson is always accompanied by his 5-year-old sister, Kaja, who holds a sign, collects cash donations and supports him with some singing.

The duo have even received sweets and hot chocolate from their audience to encourage them to keep going.

Nelson and Kaja performing outside a hospital. Credit: Kaisa Oberc

Kaisa Oberc, Nelson and Kaja’s mother, said: “They’ve been so positive and so excited to do this every day, finding out where we are going and how the fundraising is doing.

“It’s quite inspiring to see how positive and motivated they have been and also how people have reacted to them. People have been so kind and welcoming.

“It’s also been a really positive experience because so many people have come along and have told Nelson to keep going.”

You can help support Twickenham’s ‘Boy on the Balcony’ by donating to his fundraising page here.

All proceeds will support Barnardo’s children’s charity.

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