Brexit, Police and St Helier: Paul Scully eager to get things moving

By Jordan Camp and Jack Francklin
December 13 2019, 09.00

Paul Scully is keen to move forward with Conservative plans after he reclaimed the Sutton and Cheam seat for the third consecutive General Election.

Mr Scully walked to victory in the constituency as he picked up 25,235 votes, with Liberal Democrats being the closest competition as Hina Bokhari claimed 16,884.

Mr Scully said: “It looks like we have a good majority, a functioning, working majority which allows us to get stuff done, not just Brexit but getting the policemen on the street, the education and health funding as well.

“First thing I’m going to do on Monday morning is go into Parliament, swear in so that we can get Brexit done, next week is going to be really busy for all MPS so that we can finally finally unlock parliament.

“I was delighted that just before the election was called the health secretary awarded us half a billion pounds to go ahead with our hospital build, now the next five years is about getting that done.

“I can’t take my foot off the gas now that we’ve got the prospect of finally putting to bed the at least 20-year argument about saving St Helier, we can save it, with a solution here in the borough and that’ll be amazing for everybody.

The Labour candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Bonnie Craven, has openly accused Conservatives of under-funding St Helier but Mr Scully insists that is not the case.

He said: “My promises about St Helier are all based about what clinicians have decided, this isn’t a plan that has been formed by politicians this is the doctors and the managers of the hospital that work day in day out.

Frankly, it’s because politicians have got involved in the arguments rather than driving the action that has made it last this long, we could have sorted this out decades ago if we’d all been similar minded.

Looking ahead to the new year Mr Scully said: “We’ll enjoy our Christmas, there’s enough newsletters and political leaflets to wrap our presents with so we’ll put those to good use, and then back to it, there is a lot to do.”

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