All the facts and figures from the shocks and surprises of a momentous General Election in British politics

By Gwyn Wright and Anna Mackenzie
December 13 2019, 14.00

It was a crazy night of shocks and surprises as a political earthquake rocked the country.

Here are some of the most amazing facts and figures from the watershed general election.

Labour only gained one seat on the 2017 election as its support collapsed across the country. Labour’s Fleur Anderson won 22,780 votes in Putney – gaining the seat from the Conservatives who got 18,006 votes.

The Conservatives now have more than triple the number of seats in Scotland than Labour which held onto Edinburgh South while the Tories won six seats north of the border.

The seats of two previous Labour prime ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, are now Conservative constituencies.

Labour lost Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s former seat of Leigh to the Conservatives.

A record 222 women MPs have been elected at this election, 34% of all MPs.

Labour will have more female MPs than men – with 104 MPs, but just over a quarter of the Tory parliamentary party will be women.

A wedding ring has been found inside a ballot box at at Cloverlea Primary School by Trafford Council.

The council told the owner to get in touch to be reunited with it.

Andrew Neil cut no punches when interviewing Theresa May about Johnson’s emphatic victory.

He simply asked: ‘What has he done right that you did wrong?’

Police were forced to intervene as a fight broke out at John McDonnell’s Hayes and Harlington count.

Cries of ‘liar’ and ‘terrorist’ were heard during the Shadow Chancellor’s acceptance speech, prompting him to warn that there are ‘fears now for our democracy and the rise of the extreme-right’.

Scotland was the only country in the United Kingdom to see an increase in voter turnout compared to 2017.

It was up on the previous election with 68.1% of the electorate voting compared to 66.5% in 2017.

English turnout was down from 69.1% to 67.4%.

Among the narrowest margins was the Blyth Valley seat, which turned blue for the first time in a shock result.

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