Sutton man killed in road traffic accident

Sutton residents have recalled their shock at the moment a man was killed on the High Street yesterday morning.

Police were called at 11.28am to the Cheam Road junction with Sutton High Street, where an unnamed 70-year-old man was hit by a lorry while crossing the road.

Doretta Cullen, 68, from Sutton was sitting outside Caffè Nero when the accident happened.

She said the traffic lights were green but the man was in the middle of the crossing.

“I was reading the newspaper at the actual moment of impact and I’m glad I was.

“A lady sitting next to me saw the lorry hit him and was trembling in complete shock after,” she said.

Mrs Cullen said the lorry only halted about 40 metres past the crossing.

Teresa Miller from Carshalton is the community champion for nearby Morrison’s, and tied flowers to the traffic light on the crossing.

She said: “He was somebody’s dad, somebody’s grandad.

“Even though no one knows who he was yet or if he was a Morrison’s customer, we would put these flowers up anyway.

“He was a member of the community.”

The driver of the lorry stopped at the scene and is assisting police.

No arrests have been made and the victim’s next of kin have been informed.

Police are awaiting formal identification.

Anyone with information should call  020 8543 5157.

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