On The Pulse: Will you be applying for London Paralympic Games tickets?


Applications for London 2012 Paralympic tickets opened on Friday.


By Natasha Barr

Applications for London 2012’s Paralympic Games went on sale on Friday.

The Games take place from 29 August to 9 September 2012 and will be the biggest yet, featuring around 4,200 athletes from 150 countries.

With two million tickets available SW Londoner took to the streets of Wandsworth to find out:

Will you be applying for London Paralympic Games tickets?







Don’t know




Nick, 49

“No I wanted main Olympics tickets and didn’t get any so I won’t bother trying again.”


Peter, 55

“We’ve got tickets for the main Olympics and we just received an e-mail about Paralympics so we’re quite interested in applying, especially for Goalball.”


Lucas, 17

“Yes I will be trying. It all looks interesting.”


Jessica, 25

“I wouldn’t have thought so.”


Maria, 49

“I wasn’t going to but I’m interested in it now. I quite like wheelchair tennis and basketball.”


Joe Davis, 21

“No not getting tickets but to be honest I don’t even like the Olympics and I wouldn’t even bother to watch the Olympics.”


Christina, 39

“I will apply. Going to try and watch some wheelchair tennis.”


Karen, 44

“I’m hoping to get tickets. Tennis, basketball and maybe the equestrian. I’ve got rowing for main Olympics but didn’t get anything else.”


Harriet, 24

“I don’t think so. I don’t feel like it’s…I don’t know how to say it. I know they’re professionals in their fields but because it’s not mainstream. Can I say this? I don’t really have the urge to watch it.”


James, 29

“I’d like to say that I’m going to apply but it depends if I get round to it. Think the tennis would be good and the athletics.”


Troy, 22

“I probably will. I like watching it. But not sure, it depends how much the events are going for and when.”


Gabby, 16

“No. I don’t really like watching sports so, no I wouldn’t get any tickets.”


Jo, 24

“I probably won’t. I can’t afford any tickets at the moment, for anything.”


Rachel 38

“I think it would be good if we could get tickets with the children. It’s good way for them to see what sports there are and what other people can do.”

Fans must register their interest via a ballot for tickets – the same system used for Olympics tickets – at which is open until September 26 at 6pm.






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