Met Police’s longest serving officer retires after 47 years of service


PC Mick Mountain, from Morden, joined the force at 19.


By SWLondoner staff

A policeman who began his career in Wimbledon and went on to become the country’s longest serving officer has retired after 47 years service.

PC Mick Mountain, who is 66 years old and based at the Palace of Westminster, joined the force as a 19-year-old after his dad persuaded him to apply in 1966.

He has since made thousands of arrests, worked under 11 Commissioners, policed the Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilees, had his nose broken three times and a gun pointed at him twice.

PC Mountain, who is married and has two children, says that the best part of the job is meeting so many people.

“I love coming into work everyday and meeting so many different people,” he said.

“It’s what spurred me to stay in the job all this time and the thing that I will miss most.”

His 47 years on the job have been action packed, with many unforgettable moments, including responding to a man with a hand grenade on Wimbledon Common.

Upon arriving, he and another officer approached the man who was threatening to pull the pin. After a cordon was set up, the only option was for Mick to rip the grenade from the man’s pocket and throw it into the designated open space.

Thankfully the pin stayed in the grenade and no one was injured, and Mick received a Commissioner’s commendation for his brave actions.

Mick has also been at the centre of policing public disorder in London, including the protests against the Vietnam War in Grosvenor Square, both Brixton riots, and the Miners’ Strikes.

Now a licensed cab driver, Mick intends on spending his retirement with his ever growing family and visiting his second home in Spain. “

Looking back, joining the police was the best piece of advice my Dad could have given me,” he said.

“I will always be proud to have been in the Met, as I believe we are the best police service in the world.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Sandra Looby, OCU Commander for the Palace of Westminster (SO17), said Mick has been a fantastic police officer.

The dedication and commitment that Mick has shown to serve and protect London is both outstanding and inspiring,” she said.

“He has moved with the times, embraced the many changes policing has seen over the years and been a fantastic police officer.

“After so many years and the amount of experience PC Mountain has, I am sure I speak for the whole service when I say I am sad to see him go. I wish him and his family all the best of luck in the future.”

Sergeant Malcolm Buchanan, Mick’s line manager, said: “Mick has been a flexible and accommodating member of my team.

“He is an individual who is not easily flustered, is self-confident and communicates easily with everyone from all walks of life.

“He has always displayed an exemplary and professional attitude to his work which is confirmed by his colleagues. Completing 47 years service is a unique achievement which is unlikely to be passed.”

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