NEU protesters march on parliament to demand better pay

National Education Union march on Parliament

The National Education Union staged a march on the Department of Education last week as part of a two day strike over pay.

The union was also joined by other supporters such as homelessness charity St Mungo’s, junior doctors as well as former shadow chancellor John McDonnell and Kim Johnson, MP for Liverpool Riverside.

Protestors were demanding the publication of the School Teachers’ review body on pay as well as calling on Education Secretary Gillian Keegan to return to the negotiating table.

All set for an eventful day when the march began under pouring rain and the protestors made their way from the London Eye to Parliament Square amid a large but very relaxed police presence.

The union is also awaiting results of a re-ballot for taking part in further strikes.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “Further strike action will cause real damage to pupil learning and even more disruption for parents right across the country.

“Thousands of schools have received significant additional funding as part of the extra £2 billion of investment we are providing both this year and next, which will take school funding to its highest level in history next year.”

Approximately 20,000 NEU supporters made their way to the capital.

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