Surbiton High School teachers embark on epic journey for Tanzania education charity

Four Surbiton High School teachers are embarking on an epic journey to raise money for a charity in Africa.

Between them, they will walk, run and cycle 6,301 miles to simulate their journey from Surbiton to Moshi in Tanzania.

They have until October to complete their feat as the teachers will then spend a week teaching at Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need, a free school set-up to provide education for girls, for which they are fundraising.

Team member Joseph Humphreys said: “It was a natural fit as physical challenges are always a good thing but it’s mostly the idea that most of the kids who go to that school have to walk.

“Whilst kids here can complain about walking to school, a lot of the KYGN children walk several miles if not more to get into school. It’s shining a spotlight on some of the differences.”

The prospect of helping to teach the children at KYGN is one which excites the whole team and for Megan Guinan the trip will be a real eye-opener.

Megan said: “I think it’s going to be so interesting. Obviously, as a teacher it’s very advantageous to know how people learn, how memories work and how to tap into neuro-science and its findings.

“It will be intriguing to see what works for children here and at KYGN.”

Surbiton High’s partnership with KYGN goes back several years and in 2016 they proudly built and opened a library for the school, and this is something Joe was involved in and sees as invaluable to KYGN’s success.

Joe said: “The library has made a real big difference because they are very keen on improving their pupil’s English. A lot of those kids when they enter the school can’t speak English and, because Tanzania’s official language is English, it’s very important they learn it.

“KYGN is doing really well and competing with expensive private schools in Tanzania, and this is in large part down to the library and that kids have access to books to broaden their horizons.

“What we’re doing next is our girls are writing and illustrating their own books for the children and we will hopefully have a few published by the end of the school year. We will take some of the books out there and gift them to the children.”

School principal Rebecca Glover said the bond with KYGN was special and was woven into the identity of Surbiton High.

She said: “Surbiton High School’s association with KYGN has been a truly enriching relationship.

“KYGN is ingrained within the school community with the school regularly raising thousands of pounds from rag week, the annual fashion show, bake sales and other pupil-led initiatives. We are delighted to continue strengthening our relationship and support of KYGN.”

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