Bath-tub Beats: DJing around south London parks from a unique set up

A south London based events group has adapted to lockdown by playing mobile DJ sets from unique makeshift set ups in London parks, including Battersea Park and Clapham Common

So far they’ve transformed a bath, an old bed, a wheelbarrow and most recently, a home office.

George Alting, 25, Dan Nash, 23 and Patrick Lindsay, 22 and Patricia McGuire, 23, are all behind ECHT, an events and production company that has come to halt during lockdown.

Instead of organising events, they’ve been rolling around London parks, providing mobile entertainment to onlookers. 

Alting said: “We had this full wireless setup and we put it in a wheelbarrow in Soho. We played some music and had a DJ sitting in there, and people really liked it.

“We create a good atmosphere and people absolutely love it.

“That’s the goal, to brighten people’s days up a little bit. We don’t gain any sort of financial benefit from this, we just want to put a smile on people’s faces.

“Some people do get up and dance and there’s that moment when you know that song and you know everyone else knows that song, and it’s really exciting, it gives that sense of unity.” 

PARTY IN THE PARKS: London revellers following social distance rules enjoy the DJ set

The group source their makeshift sets by scavenging local dumps and Facebook Marketplace. 

The system is then mounted on a set of wheels and pulled along by a member of the group. 

With a variety of disco and classic party anthems they’ve attracted a few people who have clearly missed having a boogie. 

As there’s no organised event aspect to their venture and the sound system is mobile, they’ve been allowed to run in line with restrictions.  

Alting added: “The police were loving it last time.”

When asked about their future plans Atling was tight lipped, but promised something big was in the works. 

A WHEELIE GREAT REACTION. Photo Credit: Alex Phillips

Feature image credit: Alex Phillips @midnightbeastz/

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