From Naples with love: Rossopomodoro, Wandsworth


Over 500 people attended the launch of the Italian restaurant


By Laura Mitchell

Italian chain Rossopomodoro launched its new Wandsworth restaurant in style last night.

Over 500 people attended the bustling party, in Garrett Lane, and enjoyed a vast array of free food and drink.

The colourful celebration saw the restaurant dish out 30 kilos of pasta, 300 portions of tiramisu and over 500 pizzas.

Mario Romano, who organised the party, said: “The party was great fun. A lot of people eating a lot of our lovely food.”

In the early hours of the evening dignity went out the window as guests scrambled in a frantic frenzy to get their hands on the culinary delights of the Italian buffet.

Fresh pizza dough was flung and spun in the air and mozzarella bubbled on the top of pizzas in a huge clay oven.

Waiters ducked and dived among the crowds with dishes of smoked mozzarella and bruschetta smothered in fresh tomatoes, bursting with flavours and glistening with fresh juicy olive oil.

Rachel Mulrenan, a guest at the party, said: “I thought the food was really good, really tasty and judging by the amount of Italians at the launch, pretty authentic.”

A buffet-style bench was laid out with other gastronomic delights, cured meats, fresh olives and a selection of Italian breads and cheeses.

Upstairs the bar buzzed with enthused partygoers whose spirits were lifted further by the abundance of free alcohol. 

The elated guests, who were largely Italian, ordered wine, beer and the traditional Italian cocktail Spirtiz- a bright orange refreshing, wine based drink, with a sharp fruity aftertaste.

Dancing began as live bands played an eccentric combination of British classic rock and pop and Italian songs – which everyone seemed to know word for word.

“The atmosphere was buzzing. It was really fun to meet new people and we danced ‘till the end of the night,” said another guest.

The huge balcony on the second floor created a holiday-like feel and was alive with excited chatter. 

People partied into the night and as the crowds died down the remaining guests got a second helping of the deliciously fresh pizzas.


 Peppe Albero, restuarant manager, said: “It was a great success.  All people were happy, dancing, drinking, eating and great music! Very very good.”

The restaurant chain, which opened over 20 years ago in Italy, now has six London based restaurants – the most recent of which being the Wandsworth branch which opened on Monday. 

Rossopomodoro, which translates as ‘Red Tomato’, aims to share the amazing ingredients of Naples with the world, and their passion for good food is obvious.

In Italy the restaurant works alongside charities, to provide orphans and underprivileged kids with pizza making classes.

The Wandsworth branch will be testing these classes out in London on Saturday afternoon.

They hope to educate children on cooking and allow them to have fun with food while learning about healthy ingredients.

Mr Romano said: “They can play with dough and make pizzas to take home and it gives the parents a break too.”

Contact: 0203 2892970 [email protected].

Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 12-23. Fri-Sat 12-23.30.

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